Thursday, 16 March 2017

More allegations, but this time provably false...

So, go back and read my last blog, specifically timings and dates. Release from custody at 18:30 on 27 February, straight home to be tagged.

So no way on $DEITY's Earth that I was in Northampton at 17:15 that day, driving a Ford Fiesta, behind my Victim.

Because she's made a further statement that I not only followed her home from work, but also when she stopped, I dragged her into a car I don't own, and raped her.

And, believe it or not, despite my cast iron alibi (I was behind a Cast Iron Door at the time) Northants Police are investigating this, and I was therefore interviewed, though not arrested, or bailed, about this allegation this week!

I have made the point that this false allegation shows, on the balance of probabilities, that the other allegations are also false, and if Northants do not prosecute this woman for Perverting the Course of Justice I will start action against them for Police Harassment.

In the meantime, my Solicitor is putting forward an application to dismiss the current charges as a result.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

27 days of hell

Bailed - finally.

The matter of my bail became quite an issue. So much so that I had enough time to work from IEP Entry to Standard, and even start some training - not sure how useful call centre experience would be in the future though.

Nonetheless, after an application yesterday ex-parte, supported by a bundle of evidence which the CPS did not object to after being notified, I'm now home again, since 6.30 last night, albeit with a tag round my ankle. Tag Bail suits me, each day on tag counts as 1/2 day of sentence, so essentially counts as a day inside, as you only serve 1/2 of your sentence in any case,..

Without discussing the case further, my barrister is of the view that the CPS didn't object to Bail because they know the case is going to die. Given the evidence to support my long-since declared alibi is building up further and further, it's not going to be hard to seek this matter dismissed.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Return to the Steel Door

Fenrir was remanded today.

A stupid Recorder decided that, despite the alibi evidence, the lack of DNA evidence and the fact that he attended for interview voluntarily and has fully complied with bail, Fenrir is a risk to the public on bail, and so he was remanded to HMP Hewell.

We are applying for his re-release forthwith, and have also applied to have the charges dismissed as an abuse of process.

We will update the blog as and when.

Thanks to all those who continue to support Fenrir.

"Anita" - Mrs Lukoi.

Monday, 9 January 2017


As can be seen - I'm still here.

I am on bail to the Crown Court, which I am complying with.

In the meantime, I've had a letter from my accuser's solicitors, stating that I'm going to be sued, parallel to the Criminal case.

Wel, at least now we know why she made up the story - to make some cash...

Friday, 16 December 2016

Still here

Still present, and with an initial court date of  5 January on a Narey Day, essentially a Remand Court.

My solicitor says that because I am answering bail which I have complied with, the Magistrates should have no reason not to grant bail on the same conditions.

I still know very little about the allegations other than the charge, and we won't find out what's actually being accused until the Indictment is served with the evidence, which will not be until well after my first appearance in Crown Court. So we are still talking weeks before I found out what is really alleged, and months until I get to challenge it in any effective way.

Merry Christmas, Fenrir...    

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Falsely Accused - part 2

Well, what to do...

Despite being able to prove where I was on the date of the initial allegation, the accuser has now changed her story to different dates.

Despite being able to show I was nowhere near Kettering on that date, I don't have anything more than circumstantial evidence to prove it.

So as a result, yesterday, I was "invited" to attend my local police station, and on arrival, I met the investigating officer from Northants and  was charged with:

1) Rape of a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 16 June 2016
2) Conspiracy to commit Rape against a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 20 June 2016
3) Conspiracy to commit Rape against a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 21 June 2016

Astoundingly, the Police don't have a Co-Conspirator to charge, and apparently aren't looking for one. How can one conspire with oneself?

I have conditions not to contact my "victim" and not to go to Northants other than to attend court, and I'm due in court in a few weeks. Other than that I'm on bail - bail for Rape... The Custody officer made it clear that he couldn't see any valid reason not to, as I had attended the initial interview, and the Charge appointment, voluntarily.

Bail in Rape cases is, to say the least, unusual, and is an indication, in the words of my solicitor, that the CPS are simply taking a punt, and don't have enough evidence to pass either the Full Test or the Threshold test yet. Which is surprising, as my DNA is already on file, and if there was a match that would be good enough for most juries or magistrates.

Unfortunately, the punt is going to ruin my life, as Tannie has already decided that she can't be with me while this is outstanding. And, unsurprisingly, my employer has also decided that I must be put on suspension pending the result - thankfully it will be fully paid.

Knowing the stats, I am going to start winding down my life, selling my goods and preparing to be inside for a long time...

If I win, then I can use the money to rebuild abroad. If not, then it'll help life in prison be more comfortable.

Other than the facts of court appearances and similar, I'm not going to comment further on the case until it's over. I will try to post regularly, though, so that if I suddenly disappear, people will know why.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Falsely Accused

Well, here's a thing.

A woman of about 35-40, who I knew as a child, has been to the police to accuse me of - something.

I don't know what I've been accused of. I do know it's being investigated by the Sexual Offences team of three different police forces, including my local force, and my MAPPA officer is aware of the allegation.

My local police force has, three times, been asked to check I am OK, not harmed, not dead etc, and this is because my accuser has stated that she "did me harm" when I did whatever I did to her.

Worth noting is that in 1995, she accused me of something too, and when this was investigated by police, there was found to be no case to answer. On that occasion, I was accused of Rape, in a place I provably was not, as I was in Germany when it was alleged to have occurred.

Now, interestingly, she says this latest thing occurred in Kettering. And that she has been in contact with me on more than one occasion, having met with me in Kettering several times THIS YEAR...

As readers of this blog will know, I moved from Kettering to Milton Keynes in May 2013. And from Milton Keynes to my current location in June of last year.

I use Google Maps as a Sat Nav system, and this records my journeys. I am able to log into this on the Internet, and then see the dates and times of journeys, including stopping points etc. So I can see that I haven't been to Kettering since May 2013. and, more importantly, I can prove it.

Not only that, she accuses me of possessing a specific vehicle. I haven't owned a vehicle of that type since 2006, when it was seized by Police prior to my Remand, and never given back.

More importantly, I haven't had any contact with this person since 1995.

Now, as people know, if you are accused of significant offences, you get a knock on the door at the crack of dawn. Yet, not only has my MAPPA officer visited to calmly discuss these allegations, but so have the two police forces involved in the investigation - Northants where it is alleged to have occurred, and Leicestershire, where she lives. The investigating officers have asked me broadly if I will be able to recall my movements, and let them have access to my phone to prove contact or lack thereof. I am of course, completely happy to co-operate.

In other news, a person claiming they are this person has contacted me on twitter, claiming to know where I am, and that I have ruined her life. Given this, I have, of course, reported this threat to police.

But what to do next? I'm settled and working where I am, I'm happy here, I have neighbours who in some cases DO know, but don't care, and I have a MAPPA team I can work with. But I also have someone from the past trying her hardest to get me thrown back in prison, while the Police seem to be accepting that it's astonishingly unlikely to be true.

Whatever else may be the case, I have always admitted any offences I get caught for - there have been a few other than my "big" conviction, nothing significant, nothing worthy of custody. But this is an allegation which could put me inside for many years, and I know it is untrue.

What to do?