Saturday, 23 July 2011

Courting the Courts

Well now...

On Friday, my £10,000 money case was set aside and the defendant got leave to file and serve a new defence. That's fine, because they didn't get costs and it therefore cost them £1500 to get to the position they are now in.

on Monday, the Police yet again failed to comply with court orders to file and serve evidence, and so I've applied back to the court for the whole thing to be dismissed with prejudice.

On Tuesday the Childcare case got set back again to September because the Social Services Department couldn't be bothered to actually attend the hearing.

And I'm now in court in August (twice) , September, and October.

My Offender Manager thinks this is a good thing, apart from I've put in a complaint about him lying to police about me.

Ho Hum...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Police fail again

I was in court yesterday, again. Unrepresented and making my own arguments, as is my wont.

And, as is becoming traditional, I got what I wanted.

The Police told me the latest amendment they wanted with 5 days notice. When I pointed this out to the judge, he slapped them with prejudice, adjourned it for 2 months to prepare, and gave me a Wasted Costs Order.

And in the meantime the new order they are asking for tried to stop me using any form of realtime text-based communication except SMS.

So no Typetalk to speak to my Deaf friends, no online purchases, and no Instant Messaging at all.

So how does not talking to a 44 year old deaf friend prevent me from causing Serious Sexual Harm to the public? How is that necessary and proportionate to their quite reasonable request that I not talk to teenagers?

There is established law on this, its in a case called Hemsley 2010 [EWCA Crim 225]. What a pity that the Police don't appear to be able to read.

Court again in Friday - £10,000 debt claim where they want the judgment set aside. I'll update you all over the weekend.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm still here...

Sorry for my tardiness recently, there's been a lot going on, and I've been busy with Solicitors, Barristers, courts etc.

A brief rundown for you.

On 11 July, the PPIU are trying to get my SOPO varied, because they say I'm using my computer skills to hide my reoffending. This is, of course, Tosh, as if Probation thought I was reoffending, they would have recalled me (again) by now.

On 15 July I have a hearing on a civil case since before my recall.

On 19 July I have a hearing in a family case where I ma a witness for one of the children.

Then on 28 July I have a case in the Supreme Court in which I am an interested party.

As I said, busy.

Also, Lisa had a case in court recently, where she was assisting a Barrister - not guilty on all 9 counts :-)

Oh, and to top it all, the Police are (finally) investigating the allegations which led to my recall last year. Maybe there's hope yet?

If you are a regular here, and also follow Ben's Prison Blog, can I remind you to write to him.

Hopefully you all had a good June as well, and I'll see some of you online in July.