Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Police fail again

I was in court yesterday, again. Unrepresented and making my own arguments, as is my wont.

And, as is becoming traditional, I got what I wanted.

The Police told me the latest amendment they wanted with 5 days notice. When I pointed this out to the judge, he slapped them with prejudice, adjourned it for 2 months to prepare, and gave me a Wasted Costs Order.

And in the meantime the new order they are asking for tried to stop me using any form of realtime text-based communication except SMS.

So no Typetalk to speak to my Deaf friends, no online purchases, and no Instant Messaging at all.

So how does not talking to a 44 year old deaf friend prevent me from causing Serious Sexual Harm to the public? How is that necessary and proportionate to their quite reasonable request that I not talk to teenagers?

There is established law on this, its in a case called Hemsley 2010 [EWCA Crim 225]. What a pity that the Police don't appear to be able to read.

Court again in Friday - £10,000 debt claim where they want the judgment set aside. I'll update you all over the weekend.

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