Saturday, 21 April 2012

The licence thou gavest, Lord, is ended

As of midnight I become (or perhaps became by the time I post) a Free Man. Not merely a Prisoner on Licence, but really, truly free.

My last Probation appointment was late last night, and my (fifth) Probation Officer signed me off, reminding me not to breach today as "You can still get recalled" - yeah, no I cant.

So, I am now free, completely square with the house, no longer a Sex Offender but now an Ex Offender. And I await a sentencing hearing at a nearby Crown Court for an Anne Handschue*, who is about to go down for Perverting the Course of Justice, having been found guilty 3 weeks ago.

I am now, therefore appealing, on the basis of her convictions, and relying on Lisa's* comments and new statement as the "new evidence" for the CCRC.

Work goes well, with a payrise at the end of last month, but the Audi failed its MOT on Steering faults, which may cost too much to fix. However, we'll see over the next few days as I try to fix it.

So, the briefest of updates, and I can now officially tell Northants police and Probation to stick their monitoring and MAPPA where the sun shineth not. Enjoy your weekend, I plan to...

*As ever the Blog may be a concatenation of events, and names may be changed to protect both the innocent - and the Guilty.

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