Thursday, 20 February 2014

Writer's block!

Nothing to report...

It's been a good few months, moved from one job to another, Lisa is doing well, I'm doing well.

What to say?

I've been, entirely reasonably, asked

"You pleaded guilty in order to spare your victim any further ordeal; however, you don't remember your offending. You did what they said you did, but you didn't harm anyone. You were punished for something you thought, not something you did. If Lisa is 20 now, then she was 13 in 2006."
And it is only fair that I answer those questions.


1) I don't remember what I am alleged to have done. However, the evidence against me was overwhelming. There was no point in pleading not-guilty to put Lisa through what, at the time, would have been the agony of a trial.

I took a gamble in two respects, firstly that she would, as promised, wait for me, and secondly that pleading guilty with good mitigation would get me a minimal sentence.

2) My offending was entirely non-contact. At no point did I physically do anything to or with Lisa. What I was accused of was all non-contact.

3) I've discussed the strange and convoluted definition of sexual grooming before.

4) Lisa is now 22, 23 this year. She works for a Mental Health charity as a Service User Advocate. We are a couple but live apart.


  1. I was convicted owning child porn, myself. I am a level 3 offender, and feel that was unfair. I don't see what the big deal was.

  2. Then you have no comprehension of the difference between consensual activity - which was what happened between Lisa and myself, and the harm that is caused by Child Abuse images.

  3. I have been following you and reading your blog. What are some of the long term effects you have experienced and is this still a part of your daily life?

  4. See, at this point you were still doing what child offenders do, which is to define their crime as less serious than someone else's claim. "At least mine were teenagers; some people molest BABIES". "At least mine was CONSENSUAL". No. Just no.

    Which makes it all the more remarkable that you've changed your views. Makes me wish that the greater public had access to this blog.

    1. ^^^for claim read crime. Sheesh.

    2. The greater public does have access - if they choose not to read it, there is little I can do.