Thursday, 21 January 2010

Welcome to my world

A first blog post is always hard. But here goes.

I'm Fenrir - obviously I'm not really, but Fenrir Lukoi will be the only name I use on here, and even if someone thinks they know me, they don't. I'm a convicted Child Sex Offender, and I served a prison term of a few days less than 1/2 of the sentence I received. Born outside the UK, I am a British Citizen, and live outside London, but not so far that it's not an easy journey south from here.

I was released on licence in October 2009, and that licence continues until mid 2012. During my time in prison, I was in HMP's Blakenhurst (as was), and Usk before being moved to an open prison about 3 months before my release. I'm on the register for life

Just so anyone reading is aware, my offences did not involve any physical sexual contact with any individual, and my victims are now both adults. I was arrested some 2 months after the offences, pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, and accepted my surprisingly short sentence with as much good grace as is possible. That doesn't make what I did right. And if I could go back and change my past, I would.

So, down to business.

This blog is NOT about how bad sex offenders are, or how they should be punished. Nor is it about how innocent they are, or how misunderstood.

This blog IS about how a normal person, who made a mistake and accepted his guilt, is trying to get on with his life, and I'll use it to a certain extent to talk about my feelings about various things. So it will cover my attempts at gaining normality back.

Comments, abuse and vilification is welcome - I won't always answer, but I will try to address reasoned questions, even if they seem to be from unreasonable people.

Just in case anyone wonders why I was released in October, but only just started blogging - three months in a Probation Hostel in Cornwall!

Finally, please remember that a blog is entertainment, so although I will blog regularly, some of what I post might be fictionalized, or could be a concatenation of events.

So, as they say at "home"

Добро пожаловать к моему миру