Tuesday, 4 May 2010

London again

Going to London is often fun. I cheat - since I'm only a short distance from the M1 here, I hitch-hike down to London Gateway services, then walk out to Apex Corner and catch a bus/train/tube onwards to my destinations.

I keep my Oyster card topped up with at least a Travelcard worth of PAYG credit.

Anyway, every time I go to London, I feel followed. I'm sure I'm not being, but I do often get odd, silent phone calls to my "official" numbers. And today, whilst in London, I popped in to see my Telephony provider to have a look at their logs.

It turns out that the people calling me have been Northants police and Northants Probation! In total, since my release, Northants Mappa office has called my mobile over 100 times, and on some occasions has dropped the call after less than a second. Probation has called me 38 times in less than 38 weeks too.

One assumes this is to try to log where I am, using network plotting etc. Unfortunately, the numbers I have given them route via VoIP to the US, then onwards using Skype or similar (mostly similar) onto my mobile phone, which is not registered either to my name or my address.

Also, something else interesting. As my followers may be aware, I'm not allowed to use Internet Chat services. Now, since release, I've had over 150 "spam" approaches by people asking me to join their Facebook group, or MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc messenger. Once I found out that the authorities were silent-calling me, I decided to check my logs and run the IP addresses of those approaches. And guess what. 90% of them are from Police or Probation computers. Quelle Surprise...!

I think that Section 1(1) of the Protection from Harassment Act would apply. I'm instructing my solicitor to sue. Lets see how they squirm next.

Talking of followers; Don't be shy - say hello.

Vote Early on 6 May - for the person you believe will represent you, no matter what their politics. Lets hope that the 2003 Act gets revoked by the new government.

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