Friday, 7 May 2010

Minority Report

It's Friday 7 May, and there's a Hung Parliament. Here in Northants, the Tories increased their share by 6.2%, and Hollobone goes to Westminster. But no-one knows yet which side he'll sit.

The election was unlawful in any case. The Labour Government failed to implement a ruling made 6 years ago by the European Court to give sentenced prisoners in the United Kingdom the vote. And as a result, every disenfranchised prisoner has the right to ask the courts to re-run the vote in their constituency to allow them to vote.

The ironic thing is, most prisoners that I met in my three years inside were Tory voters. Probably because the Labour Party caused so many problems with their Criminal Justice Act and various changes to the Prison Rules that most cons hate Gordon Brown more than David Cameron does.

So now we wait, to see who can get an agreement with whom. And I predict another election before December, with a court declaration that yesterday's one wasn't lawful in any case.

And God help the country, because neither Labour or Tory will be forgiven for that.

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