Saturday, 29 May 2010


So, meeting with my Offender Manager and my new Offender Manager on Thursday - that was fun!

And apparently my new Offender Manager has experience in working with "people like me" whatever that means. If it means he's going to treat me with contempt and as if I'm some sort of sub-human, then he can stuff his supervision where the sun don't shine, breach or no breach!

And then SOGP again in Friday. Session 12, Life Skills. Where we discuss communication skills ands the fact that we might not have understood what people were saying to us.

I wonder if they realise that the youngest guy on the course is 28 and a Law Student, the oldest is 67 and an ex-RN captain. Do they think you get to 67 without being able to communicate?

Anyway, more stupid role-plays, and surprise-surprise they didn't use my "don't understand" example: I don't understand why the people running the course use permissive language to describe what work they want us to do, then coercive and threatening language to force us to do it even if we see no point.

So much for Informed Consent!

In the meantime, I had an Interview this week, and hope to hear back next week that I have a job :-)

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