Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Knew there was something going on ... Part 2

I got recalled in July last year. What was to be a short stint turned into a 9 month foolishment, followed by a dropped case a speedy re-release and a compensation order.

And last week I got a Facebook invite. So I wrote to my MAPPA contact asking a few choice questions, and got this back...

"I can assure you that I have no knowledge that anybody is trying to 'entrap' you in this way."

So, the MAPPA unit doesn't know that an officer IN THEIR UNIT is trying to contact sex offenders outside his employment remit. Hmmm... don't I recall some Hampshire officers ending up in prison after being discovered to be associating with (and swapping images with) offenders?

Anyway, my phone logs have made interesting reading this week.

For reasons that must be obvious (97% of sex offenders who are firebombed don't return to their homes, apparently) I don't give out my address or contact details to people I don't trust, and use a different name in most cases. All legit, all declared to MAPPA but not publicly available.

My phone lines are cleverly routed. I give specified numbers to people, that route (in interesting and not entirely visible ways) back to the base numbers I actually use. My real numbers are not linked to an address, nor even to the town I live in, and route to me over VoIP or 3G to my mobile or my laptop, wherever I am. There are a very few "foul weather friends" who have my real numbers; that doesn't include my Parents, siblings or ex-wife. Needless to say that the Police have a routed number, not my real one, and they have no issue with this, other then their trying to find the base numbers by subterfuge.

Today I had 6 calls from 6 different numbers to my direct lines. I know they were direct calls because they didn't identify with the numbers I use for presentation.

One of the calls was from a debt collection agency, looking for me for a credit card debt owed before I went into prison. On a phone number that has only been active and allocated to me since March 2011, and is registered in another name.

Another was for yet another debt collection agency, trying to collect for a mobile phone that my ex-wife had, calling a number she doesn't know, and isn't in the phone book!

One has to wonder, where is this information being found, and who is passing it to these people. Given one of my Licence conditions is that I won't get into debt (don't ask!) it seems pretty strange that at the same time I call "entrapment" there are suddenly debt collection agencies starting to harass me...

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I was still inside. At least I wouldn't have to face all of this shit!

I think though that at the end of this month, I'll lose both sim cards and get new ones, new numbers, new networks.

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