Friday, 20 May 2011

Knew there was something going on !

Well... I said so the other week.

For various reasons I have restrictions on what I am allowed to do. This includes not going to certain places (Lisa's house, her original home town, the cinema..?) and not doing certain things on the Internet, mostly surrounding Chat-rooms and Instant Messaging.

A few days ago, I got an email. From someone I have never heard of via Facebook. Now, I happen to know, because it's a current case before a crown court down country, that Facebook is NOT an internet chat-room, as it's defined in PSI 06/2011 as a Social Networking Site (That's a Prison Service instruction, see the Ministry of Justice website). Nonetheless, I checked upon the Facebook invitation, and it turns out to be from a serving Northants MAPPA Police officer. Ho-Hum

I've also been receiving those Random anonymous calls again, but this time they are showing a partial number. Does anyone recognise a number 03000 111 XXX ? And to top it all I'm getting invitations to join dating sites, allow people onto my MSN/Yahoo/ICQ lists etc etc from people I have never heard of, emailing an address that I only gave to Police as a Honeypot!

So one has to wonder - are there not enough new criminals out there to keep the Police busy, or are they needing to fill spaces in prison with "re-offenders" and recall me yet again for doing nothing wrong?

Or, another option, are they looking for grounds to tighten my restrictions, prevent me from using the Internet at all?

Who can know the mind of a Copper?

On a lighter note, Lisa and I will be having weekend together for the Bank Holiday, then we're off to court on the Tuesday in Birmingham. I'm running a case as a Lay Rep, and she's coming to watch as a member of the public and Law student. It'll be fun, and I'm sure she'll be pleasantly surprised at how well a Lay Rep can do against a load of professionals.

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