Monday, 2 May 2011

Risk AGAIN...

This is a curly one, and I actually want comments and opinions on this post please.

OK - in the UK, as I'm sure I mentioned before, there is a pseudo-official semi-Quango called MAPPA, which continues to monitor people after release as long as they remain on the register.

On Thursday my MAPPA officers (who are CID from Kettering) popped round, and part of the discussions were about my Girlfriend, who, for the sake of not constantly using the term "My Girlfriend", let's call Lisa. This is not her real name - if I used that I'd be potentially breaking the law.

Lisa is a Law Student, who lives away from home. She is 20, has her own student accommodation and only goes back to her parents home a few times a year. She also has a younger sister who is not within what Police would (wrongly) call my "target" age. Lets call the younger sister Morgan. Morgan does not live with Lisa. And, importantly, Lisa's Parents don't know that she and I are in a relationship.

Now, despite everything, Lisa has steadfastly continued contacting me. The Police have been aware of this, Probation have been aware of this, the Prison Service have been aware of this. The law on this is simple - I am not allowed to initiate any contact with her, but once she initiates contact with me, for any reason whatsoever, the "Victim Contact" restrictions go out of the window and can no longer be relied upon or enforced... unless the safety of a child is involved.

Now clearly, Lisa isn't a child, in any sense of the word. But Morgan is. And apparently my contact with Lisa is a risk to Morgan, and as a result Police want to disclose our relationship to her parents. Apparently I could be doing an "Ian Brady" and lining up Morgan using Lisa as my accomplice! The fact that Lisa never considered herself a victim also makes it more likely (they say) that I could manipulate her into this scenario.

As a result, they have to consider whether I am a risk to Morgan, and may have to disclose the relationship, despite that fact that both Lisa and I are adults, consenting and actually enjoying the fact that we are back in significant contact and spending time together, and not thinking about anything to do with my offending except when she has questions.

However, so far they haven't spoken to her parents, despite knowing about this situation since early April. This suggests to me that they aren't really concerned about risk, more about having a new handle to control me now that they are losing, losing and losing again in court.

And therein comes views please - is this just a new angle of attack, or is there a legitimate concern here? My view is that it's all Bluff and Bluster, but I have also asked Lisa to prepare for the potential shit-storm if it happens.

Oh, also, Lisa says I should definitely appeal, as the police lied to her to get her to give evidence against me, and also lied to her about my having bail conditions etc.

Anyway, comments welcome, especially on this issue, and I'll report back on it by the end of the week.

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