Saturday, 9 March 2019

Lets review risk

So, I've been blogging now for nine years.

during this time, I've completed some elements of SOGP, as was, I've been monitored by Police, I've been accused, by various people, of various offences, none of which were true, and I've been recalled once, and remanded, briefly, once.

I have not been re-convicted of any significant offences - yes I got a speeding ticket back in 2015 (which I didn't mention on here) and I've had a parking ticket or two, for which I use the wonderful, and surprisingly cheap service of Parking Ticket Appeals to resolve.

So lets review my risk.

You will recall that I have posted about risk before, on two occasions in 2010. This was before my recall for breaching my SOPO. A charge which was dropped, quite quickly, when it was proven that no breach had occurred and my ex was setting me up.

And lets clarify here... no-one but me can know if I am committing offences (I'm not, but you'll have to take my word for this), so "reoffending" here really means "reconvicted", or, in real terms, reoffending that the authorities find out about.

When I was re-released from recall, back onto the same licence, my risk assessment was increased from "medium" (which was wrong) to "High" (which was also wrong). That was because I had been released directly back to the community, and not put back into a hostel, which would be the norm. There were, however, good reasons not to put me in a Hostel, specifically that the recall was not justified, and that I had not actually committed the offences alleged.

It was confirmed within a few weeks that I was back down to Medium risk (still wrong) which means that, as you will recall, there was a 5 to 13% of my reoffending within 5 years of my release. not my re-release, mind you...

So my release was in October 2009, this assessment took place in March 2011 - 18 months of the five years already gone, and no reoffending. The further you are, temporally, from an offence, the less likely you are to reoffend. So already by this point, I am less likely to reoffend than I was on release.

B the time my licence ended in April 2014, Probation had finally accepted that my likelihood of reoffending was low - less than 5% chance of my reoffending in the 5 years following my release. That;s good, since I was, at that point, 18 months post release. My original assessments stated an 11% chance of reoffending in the first year, a 20% chance of reoffending in the first two. I beat the odds, mainly because I'm not stupid and saw no reason to go back to prison. It helps that I was supported by Lisa throughout, as well as Niamh, Dan and others.

From my licence end date, my monitoring has been purely by Police. This is the now infamous MAPPA process, which all sex offenders are bundled into. MAPPA is a Quango, made up of a number of "co-operating" organisations, such as Police, Probation, Local Authorities etc. As the MAPPA website says, MAPPA is not a statutory body, but is a mechanism through which agencies can better discharge their statutory responsibilities and protect the public.

This means that, on random occasions, Police will visit me, assess me, inspect my home and decide my ongoing risk level. This is done based on, amongst other things, my own appearance, the appearance of my home and, believe it or not, the officers own personal prejudice! Yes I know this is the case, because I have court paperwork proving this. Apparently, I am still considered high risk by my MAPPA officer, because I prefer relationships with younger women! 

Now lets revert back to the Probation assessments... they decided I was low risk, that is less than 5% change of reoffending, in 2012. this was when I was dating Lisa, then 20. Lisa stayed with me until 2015, by which time she had graduated and was in her mid 20's. Shortly after this, I met Tannie, but that relationship ended a year later after the fake rape charges. I'm currently with Anita, who is 24.

It is of note that the Rape allegations against me are not why I'm considered high risk. I'm considered high risk purely because of my sexual preference for 20-25 yr old women! Which is ironic, because one of the reasons the Police don't consider the Rape allegations to be true is because the accuser was in her late 30s, now in her 40s. There are other significant issues which prove the false nature of the claim, but I need not go into that further. Suffice to say that my accuser is no longer being believed when she claims I drive a car I don't have and in a location I've provably not been to.

I've also been accused, by a disgruntled customer, of attending his home in 2016, and offending against his children. This has hurt him more than me, as he now has Social Services asking him why he let me do so while he was present, while Police can be certain I didn't do what he alleged, because they know at the time I wasn't even in the UK - I have to tell them about travel, and on that date I was in Belgium.

So to be clear, I am now 13 years post offence, almost 10 years post initial release, and have not reoffended. So how on earth do the Police justify their comments that I remain High Risk, when I have proven, over the last 10 years that I am nothing of the sort?

Could someone lend me a TARDIS please, I'll go back and stop myself offending in the first place. So much for rehabilitation!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Naming the Guilty

I have taken legal advice about my accuser, and her comments.

I've also now received the full Police investigations, her criminal record (yes, despite being a CILEx Fellow, she has one, which I find astonishing) and the CPS decision.

I have given this to a solicitor who has expertise in dealing with such allegations, and, unfortunately, it's too late to sue for Libel.


Counsel's opinion is that this individual does NOT have the protection under law of a victim of rape, because the Police has proven the offence(s) never occurred and were false (and likely malicious) allegations. As such, Counsel is of the view that I could, lawfully, name this individual, and identify her.

Moreover, even if I did so, and the CPS disagreed with my barrister, if I were to identify her using a web server OUTSIDE England and Wales, then no offence would be committed.

The counter argument to this is that identifying her on this blog would also identify me. I like my anonymity here, I can say a lot, and express my views on many things, without "the public" getting too outraged.

So... balance my privacy with hers, and balance my right to a peaceful existence with my right to identify my false accuser.

Again, what to do...

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

And so we ante again...

It's been a while since my last post, and here's why:

On 28 February 2018 I got a call from Police, asking me to come in for an interview. I of course did so on the next day, and on arrival, was arrested on suspicion of rape. Of the same woman again!

This time, rather than accuse me in Northants, she accused me of raping her in Bedford!

I was accused by this woman of following her in Bedford (where she apparently worked), up the A6 in the one way system, in a Kia Cee'd. A car I don't and have never owned, although my sister owns one. She apparently spotted me following her, stopped and came to my drivers window to confront me. She claims that I got out, grabbed her, forced her into the back of my car, and raped her. At 5.15, on the evening of 24 February 2018 - the start of the so-called "Beast from the East". Lots of details, including a (completely inaccurate) description of my penis!

But, and this is relevant... I flew out of Birmingham on 23 February, to Israel. This is provable, there's stamps in my passport, I notified Police, as required, and I didn't return until 28th. In fact, I was on my way home at the time of the phone call. I declared my return, as mandated  by my Registration Requirement, when I reported for my interview - they let me do that in custody while we waited for my solicitor.

And, as importantly, my Google Location Tracking confirms this, as does my phone bill.

I know exactly where I was at 8:15pm Israel time on that day. I was in Bethlehem, at a religious service. I probably don't need to tell anyone which location.

Of course, there's a lot of similarities between this allegation and the one she made last year. The significant difference is that she has moved police forces - if you can't get one constabulary to believe you, make another new false allegation elsewhere and hope they will do.

After telling Police where I was and what I was doing, and them confirming my "out" and "back" declarations, I was released "under investigation" that night and asked to come back the next afternoon with my tickets/boarding passes. I did better, I also supplied my passport (with entry and exit stamps) and my luggage tags each way. Strangely enough, the Police then cancelled my "under investigation" status.

Because of something else, I also now have Northants full records of their investigations, and I know that this woman was not in Kettering at the time of the alleged other rapes, the Police proved, from call logs and ANPR, that she never actually left her home town of Market Harborough. She also has more than 4 Police Notices for false allegations under her belt, including one against her own brother, and last time, when this was "no-crime"d, the overwhelming position of Northants Police was that she should be prosecuted. The CPS refused because of my record. Well, my record is now spent, so I'm an ex-offender, and that can't be used against me any more.

In the meantime, she got divorced last year and has married again this year, I bet her new husband doesn't know about her "sexual history" of fake rapes, and the fact that I was allegedly her first sexual partner because I allegedly raped her when she was, according to her latest claims, 12! Oh, and I was also apparently grooming her daughter, who happens to be over 18, despite her being not in her 40's yet.

Regardless of my last blog, this time I want the book thrown at her. And, based on a phone call last week, it is actually likely to be. Thank G_d. Oh, By the way, that's what she got wrong in her description... I've complied with the requirements of my faith.

I wonder what she'll accuse me of next time?

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Justice tempered with mercy...

So the Police have been continuing investigation following my complaint to the relevant professional standards department. I only find this out this week and it's a nice Christmas present.

I also get some more information, which is also pleasing to see exactly how hard the Police have been working.

I maintained that the allegations were false throughout - and I could prove it. And, from my first interview I cooperated fully with Police, supplying alibi information at each interview, ensuring my side was strongly put, jumping through any hoop requested etc. And the Police, finally, checked out my alibi information.

Going through the charges:

1) Rape of a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 16 June 2016

I was provably in Manchester on this date, staying in a hotel due to a work commitment. I was booked into the hotel on 15 June, and left on 18th. My Google location tracking confirms that I did not leave Manchester, and the company were able to confirm my presence in Manchester, on CCTV, at the exact time I was alleged to be in Kettering. Also, Police ANPR had no sightings of my vehicle travelling to or from Kettering.

2) Conspiracy to commit Rape against a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 20 June 2016
3) Conspiracy to commit Rape against a 37 yr old woman in Kettering on 21 June 2016

These two charges were more difficult to show an alibi against, as I was off work on those days. However, I was able again to rely on Google location, which showed me at home all day on both days. I also have Samsung "Smart things" which agreed with my Google data, as the Smart Hub did not see my phone leave the house during those two days, and again Police ANPR had no sightings of my vehicle travelling to or from Kettering.

The Police did other checks, of course. They checked with my Cellphone provide where my phone was, and checked with my Internet Provider if my broadband was in use. They checked my landline to see if I had made calls from it on the relevant days. They checked transactions with my Bank - it's kinda hard to get to Kettering without a car and not leave some trail of transactions. They also used CCTV and computer Facial Recognition to check if my face was captured anywhere in Northants on the dates in question.

Finally, they checked both my and her phone(s) to see if there had been any of the alleged communications between us - there hadn't

As a result of these checks, the Christmas present I got from an Inspector in Kettering yesterday was that this matter is not merely discontinued, it is now recorded as "No Crime". Additionaly, and for obvious reasons, the allegation made against me while I was in my cell at HMP Hewell, waiting to be released was also recorded as "No Crime". My legal advice is that, as my Complainant has therefore not made a valid complaint of Rape, she is not entitled to anonymity. Nonetheless, I am not going to identify this woman, and herein comes the issues.

My accuser has significant mental health issues. This has been obvious to me throughout, and has been confirmed by Police. This is especially clear to me given some of the prurient details of her allegations, which bear no resemblance to either my sexual preferences, my intimate anatomy or my physical capability.

And, following my release, the Police made a appointment to meet her, her CMHT and her current counsellor, to let her know that this was being discontinued. But that meeting never happened, because she tried to take her own life....

Fairly clear, then that her mental state is fragile to say the least. But, at the same time, she has made some very serious allegations against me which have caused me significant issues. And therein lies the dilemna, So do I continue to insist that she is prosecuted, drop the allegations, or find some middle ground...

I'm going to give this some thought

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Its all over...

And the charges have been dropped.

Unfortunately, though the CPS discontinued today, they have not agreed to prosecute the accuser, nor am I likely to be compensated for 27 pointless days in prison.

My employer will be reinstating me and returning me to work after Easter, and the excuse is going to be "medical reasons"

So now I'm looking for a solicitor to start an action against Police. Comment below please...

Thursday, 16 March 2017

More allegations, but this time provably false...

So, go back and read my last blog, specifically timings and dates. Release from custody at 18:30 on 27 February, straight home to be tagged.

So no way on $DEITY's Earth that I was in Northampton at 17:15 that day, driving a Ford Fiesta, behind my Victim.

Because she's made a further statement that I not only followed her home from work, but also when she stopped, I dragged her into a car I don't own, and raped her.

And, believe it or not, despite my cast iron alibi (I was behind a Cast Iron Door at the time) Northants Police are investigating this, and I was therefore interviewed, though not arrested, or bailed, about this allegation this week!

I have made the point that this false allegation shows, on the balance of probabilities, that the other allegations are also false, and if Northants do not prosecute this woman for Perverting the Course of Justice I will start action against them for Police Harassment.

In the meantime, my Solicitor is putting forward an application to dismiss the current charges as a result.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

27 days of hell

Bailed - finally.

The matter of my bail became quite an issue. So much so that I had enough time to work from IEP Entry to Standard, and even start some training - not sure how useful call centre experience would be in the future though.

Nonetheless, after an application yesterday ex-parte, supported by a bundle of evidence which the CPS did not object to after being notified, I'm now home again, since 6.30 last night, albeit with a tag round my ankle. Tag Bail suits me, each day on tag counts as 1/2 day of sentence, so essentially counts as a day inside, as you only serve 1/2 of your sentence in any case,..

Without discussing the case further, my barrister is of the view that the CPS didn't object to Bail because they know the case is going to die. Given the evidence to support my long-since declared alibi is building up further and further, it's not going to be hard to seek this matter dismissed.