Friday, 3 June 2011

Knew there was something going on ... Part 3

Well, what a surprise.

I have prepared papers for the private prosecution of the ex who originally accused me of my offending, and who has made various allegations against me, all provably false. Her statements are so inconsistent that I can drive a Chieftain Tank through them and not scrape.

I've been emailing these to and from friendly solicitors, barristers and Lisa, and I noticed a slowdown in my email over the last week, together with more and more funny calls.

and this morning I had an unscheduled home visit by Police and Probation together, to tell me that if I go ahead with this prosecution, they will have me recalled, on the basis that it would be a breach of my licence. I asked them how and they just went on about it being harassment. Well, if me prosecuting her is harassment, what's her trying to have me prosecuted for things I provably haven't done?

So I now have to ask myself - do I feel lucky? Are they just using this as a threat against me, and do they genuinely think that another 9 months inside will bother me that much - that's all there is now to my Sentence End Date.

And, of course, since the PP would be for Perverting the Course of Justice, I can sit on it until then, no Statute of Limitations!

I hope Ann is reading this - it would be a nice irony.