Monday, 28 June 2010

Risk again

Remember I said I'd deal with Risk of Harm another day? Well, I can't sleep (it's too damn hot), and so I thought I'd talk about that next.

The Probation scoring system works with two different variables. The first is Risk of Re-offending. As of 26 May, Probation has agreed to re-rate me down to "low" risk of re-offending. What a coincidence that I put my thoughts into the public arena that day!!!

So maybe they'll listen to me on this point too?

The second risk is separate from offending - it's the Risk of causing serious harm. Now, serious harm has no legal definition. however, in the Children Act 1989, "significant harm" is defined. And this is then re-defined in Police Guidelines and meaning "Serious Harm" and thus we have a definition.

So, what is my risk of causing serious harm. Apparently, it was high, but is now only medium. This means that I am capable of causing such harm, but as long as my circumstances don't change significantly for the worst, I'm unlikely to do so. And that only applies to Children - I'm a low risk to all other groups in the community.

And apparently I'm only likely to cause harm to specific children. Like my victim...

Lets see - the victim I am most likely to cause harm to is a 19 year old University Student. Last time I looked the age of consent in this country was 16??? and a 19 year old is legally an adult. And she's the one contacting me!

So if I am a medium risk to only specified children, and the people they specify are no longer children...

Which planet are these people from?!

And it gets better - if I'm only likely to cause this harm if my circumstances change significantly, why are they (still) threatening to recall me for writing a blog? Surely the ongoing stress of that is a significant change for the worse?

Ah well, as of last night, I've instructed a Solicitor and Barrister to go up against Police and Probation for me. We will soon see whether the law applies to the authorities or not.

The guards are there to guard you from me, and me from you, but who guards the guards?

Sleep well.