Friday, 10 May 2013

New House...

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly things can be done in this country when there is a will to do so.

I no longer live in Northants. As of this Monday just gone, I live in Buckinghamshire.

MAPPA decided that given the circumstances of my case, and the fire, it would not be safe for me to continue to reside in Rothwell, and as a result, they approached my employer and other agencies to move me to a different location.

AS a result, massive cooperation a housing association, an employer, the DWP and two local councils and a couple of charities. A moving van, everything that has been usefully recovered from the old flat, and a donation of a complete lounge and bedroom suite means the new maisonette is not completely emply either.

My employer, who was fully aware of who I was, agreed to 2 weeks compassionate leave and a transfer to an office in Luton, and I now live in a large urbanised area famous for Concrete Cows. I'm sure it will take a time to get used to, especially as I've been transferred to Thames Valley Police for MAPPA purposes, but it's gone surprisingly smoothly, and I have had telephone and interweb connected up today. I start at my new office on Monday, having been introduced to everyone yesterday (though not as Fenrir).

So... the saga begins again - how to cope with a new life in a new place. Do I hide my past or brazen it out this time? I think the former is better than the latter, even though I'd prefer to openly say "yes, I did the crime, I dd the time, so what..." which is what Lisa still wants me to do.

In the meantime, be ready for the next instalment of R v Lukoi, when your hero appeals against his sentence and conviction. And additionally applies to the police for compensation for unlawful arrest and detention.

It's all coming up in the next exciting episode of Diary of an Ex Offender.