Monday, 19 December 2011

Normality returns

Well, what news - apart from I've been away from the computer too long.

OK - First things first. My target for normality was always Home, Car, Job.

And a few days ago, I achieved all three. I've been in the flat here since October 2009, barring a recall, and I started work for an IT firm in Corby about a month ago. Not only that, one of the directors was selling an old Audi, which I picked up for £200 and now use for commuting.

So, Home, Car, Job achieved.

Not only that, Lisa and I are finally sorted too - back together and a proper couple, finally

My lovely ex, Anne, is still on bail, and has been remanded on Tag Bail pending her trial for Perverting the Course of Justice, Perjury and Harassment. My solicitor says that if she's found guilty, she will likely go down for a Jeffrey Archer stretch.

So all in all, life is getting better, step by step.

Have a good break, seasons greetings etc, and I will be back in the new year, hopefully with even more news.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Justice starts to prevail :-)

Finally things are happenning.

My ex has been charged with Perverting the Course of Justice, not just in my recall, but also in my original trial. Ex is on bail with conditions not to approach me, contact me (even via Solicitors) or ask any person to do so on her behalf, and she's on a 10 hour daily tag.

This means the Police now are considering my original papers and my solicitor has invited me to consider appeal against conviction and seek a re-trial. The logic behind this is that in any retrial, I can't get a heavier sentence than I did first time round, and that will be served by the time I come back to trial (especially since I'm currently on licence). As a result, my record would be clear, and I'd get compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

Moreover, Probation has now apologised for my Probation Officer lying to people about me, and taken me off his books and onto a new one (my fifth in 4 years) who has been told that I am to be signed once a month and otherwise left alone, particularly now I'm potentially appealing.

My MAPPA officer has also told me, "off the record" that MAPPA has reconsidered me and I will get maybe 1 visit a year from here on in, which will stop altogether if I am acquitted at a retrial. Also, Lisa has agreed to give evidence on my behalf in any civil or criminal proceedings relating to my trial or the trial of my ex :-D

Finally, I've been offered a job, which I found online, and Probation has waved it through on the nod.

Now know people reading this will say "But Fenrir, if you did it and pleaded it, why are you seeking an appeal and retrial?" Well, the simple answer is that this prosecution was not for something I actually did, but for something I thought. I hurt no-one, and Lisa's testimony confirms this. If no-one gets hurt in something going on between two consenting parties, what's the public interest in the prosecution? And without Anne's false testimony starting the case, the police would have had no grounds to search the house, seize the computers etc, so the case would never have happened.

So it's been a very good October. In fact the only bad thing that's happened in the last month is that Lisa and I have broken up - we are still very good friends, but there is too much stress going on for her to carry on with me.

Ah well, every silver lining has a cloud...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What chance the Ex Offender

Lets make a few things clear - I did what I was accused of doing. I pleaded guilty and I have served the custodial element required by law. I may have another 9 months of Probation supervision left, but ultimately, I have done my time, and more...

So, whilst recognising that I am still serving the rehabilitative element of my sentence, surely the agencies I engage with should be looking to help me find work, or training, and not trying to prevent me from working?

So... lets see what my licence conditions say:

1) Must permanently reside at an address previously notified to and agreed by your supervising officer and Must not reside, even for one night, at any other address without the prior consent of your supervising officer.

2) Must not engage in any work paid or unpaid, including voluntary work, without the prior consent of your supervising officer.

3) Must not access any online forum, board or community without the prior consent of your supervising officer.

So, according to item 1 I can't work nights, or do Long-Haul deliveries.

According to 2 I can't start a job unless my OM approves it, and according to 3 I can't even look for work online at all.

I have to assume that the Powers that Be don't actually want me working, and I have pointed this out to both Probation and the Job Centre. And nothing is going on.

Oh, that's not true - Ive been forced onto the new "Work programme" so I went for an appointment with the local provider. And took along my disclosure document.

From the start my appointment was going to be unsatisfactory - despite the provider being made aware of my issues with the staff member who did initial interviews, she started the process with me before passing me to a colleague.

This colleague seemed polite, and helpful, but was uncertain of what she was doing; "it's my first day doing this job".

Initially she scan-read my documents, but then started to ask me the same questions again. When my Criminal Record was broached, she read my disclosure document, and her face changed from "how can we help this guy" to "let's get rid of this pervert now, he should never have been let out of prison"

The remainder of the interview from that point seemed to be as much about justifying refusing to take me on the programme as to try to help me, and certainly the proposed action plan does nothing to assist me. Indeed when I explained the training I am seeking, I was told, flatly, that this would not be available unless I had a job offer - it must be clear that in this recession, this is not how things work, and indeed this is contrary to the intentions and aims of the "client-needs focussed" Work Programme.

So, if I'm not being supported by the people being paid to support ex-offenders (for such is what I am) and I'm not being supported by the government programmes for unemployed people, what hope is there of me finding a job.

I may as well start stealing from shops - I won't go to prison for it (for the first 150 times I get caught anyway) and I might end up better off.

And even if I do end up in court and in prison, at least I don't have to worry about money when I'm in there and I can declare a different offence on release.

Strangely, Probation don't want to talk to me about this...

Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Holidays

I've just got back from a lovely time away, and apologies I didn't let you all know I was going to Dartmoor for 2 weeks.

I say "Just Got Back" - but actually I got back on 30 August, as I had to prepare for three cases over the last 2 weeks.

The first one was the outstanding Police SOPO matter. That was finally heard on 2 September by a Circuit Judge, who dismissed the Police application as entirely unreasonable, accepted my proposed amendments to my own SOPO, and made the order with costs, since I first asked for that identical order 7 months ago!

The second one was a childcare matter - which the first one has affected quite nicely.

And the third was a Moneyclaim for £4500. I lost the battle, but won the war, as the other side are now entering into mediation with me :-)

So all in all a satisfactory week.

Oh, and my ex has been arrested again, for Perverting the Course of Justice. Karma's a bitch, baby.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Courting the Courts

Well now...

On Friday, my £10,000 money case was set aside and the defendant got leave to file and serve a new defence. That's fine, because they didn't get costs and it therefore cost them £1500 to get to the position they are now in.

on Monday, the Police yet again failed to comply with court orders to file and serve evidence, and so I've applied back to the court for the whole thing to be dismissed with prejudice.

On Tuesday the Childcare case got set back again to September because the Social Services Department couldn't be bothered to actually attend the hearing.

And I'm now in court in August (twice) , September, and October.

My Offender Manager thinks this is a good thing, apart from I've put in a complaint about him lying to police about me.

Ho Hum...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Police fail again

I was in court yesterday, again. Unrepresented and making my own arguments, as is my wont.

And, as is becoming traditional, I got what I wanted.

The Police told me the latest amendment they wanted with 5 days notice. When I pointed this out to the judge, he slapped them with prejudice, adjourned it for 2 months to prepare, and gave me a Wasted Costs Order.

And in the meantime the new order they are asking for tried to stop me using any form of realtime text-based communication except SMS.

So no Typetalk to speak to my Deaf friends, no online purchases, and no Instant Messaging at all.

So how does not talking to a 44 year old deaf friend prevent me from causing Serious Sexual Harm to the public? How is that necessary and proportionate to their quite reasonable request that I not talk to teenagers?

There is established law on this, its in a case called Hemsley 2010 [EWCA Crim 225]. What a pity that the Police don't appear to be able to read.

Court again in Friday - £10,000 debt claim where they want the judgment set aside. I'll update you all over the weekend.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm still here...

Sorry for my tardiness recently, there's been a lot going on, and I've been busy with Solicitors, Barristers, courts etc.

A brief rundown for you.

On 11 July, the PPIU are trying to get my SOPO varied, because they say I'm using my computer skills to hide my reoffending. This is, of course, Tosh, as if Probation thought I was reoffending, they would have recalled me (again) by now.

On 15 July I have a hearing on a civil case since before my recall.

On 19 July I have a hearing in a family case where I ma a witness for one of the children.

Then on 28 July I have a case in the Supreme Court in which I am an interested party.

As I said, busy.

Also, Lisa had a case in court recently, where she was assisting a Barrister - not guilty on all 9 counts :-)

Oh, and to top it all, the Police are (finally) investigating the allegations which led to my recall last year. Maybe there's hope yet?

If you are a regular here, and also follow Ben's Prison Blog, can I remind you to write to him.

Hopefully you all had a good June as well, and I'll see some of you online in July.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Knew there was something going on ... Part 3

Well, what a surprise.

I have prepared papers for the private prosecution of the ex who originally accused me of my offending, and who has made various allegations against me, all provably false. Her statements are so inconsistent that I can drive a Chieftain Tank through them and not scrape.

I've been emailing these to and from friendly solicitors, barristers and Lisa, and I noticed a slowdown in my email over the last week, together with more and more funny calls.

and this morning I had an unscheduled home visit by Police and Probation together, to tell me that if I go ahead with this prosecution, they will have me recalled, on the basis that it would be a breach of my licence. I asked them how and they just went on about it being harassment. Well, if me prosecuting her is harassment, what's her trying to have me prosecuted for things I provably haven't done?

So I now have to ask myself - do I feel lucky? Are they just using this as a threat against me, and do they genuinely think that another 9 months inside will bother me that much - that's all there is now to my Sentence End Date.

And, of course, since the PP would be for Perverting the Course of Justice, I can sit on it until then, no Statute of Limitations!

I hope Ann is reading this - it would be a nice irony.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Location, Location, Location ?

OK, just some advice to some (particularly from NGN IP addresses spotted on the site logs) who might be trying to find me.

Stop looking...

You will not find a Fenrir Lukoi registered on the Electoral Roll in the UK. You will not find R V Lukoi, or Lukoi V Northants Police, nor any crown, county, appeal or high court listings anywhere in England and Wales.

You will not find a Fenrir Lukoi convicted any time in the period 2005 to 2008, nor will you find details of any conviction exactly matching what I describe mine as. You won't be able to confirm my existence if you call any of the 43 police forces in the UK, or even if you work for them.

The name Fenrir Lukoi comes from two sources. Fenrir is the grey lone wolf, or werewolf, from Norse mythology, as used by JK Rowling in "Harry Potter" (Fenrir Greyback- my Blog picture) and the word Lukoi(meaning the challenger) is from Laurell K Hamilton's fine "Anita Blake" series of books. Other than that it's a pure fabrication -you'd get better results looking for John Smith.

At the very start of this process, I said that a blog is entertainment, so although I will blog regularly, some of what I post might be fictionalized, or could be a concatenation of events.

And I will confirm that many details I have given have been deliberately incorrect to ensure my privacy. But not so incorrect that Lisa, Niamh, Dan and others have immediately identified themselves. Those that know don't care, those that care don't, and won't know.

So please don't drive yourself insane by trying to find me. It's really not worth it - I don't really exist, exactly as Belle Du Jour never did. And if a journalist wants to find me, they will. But because of my involvement with Lisa now, they can't legally identify me in any case, as it would tend to identify her too...

So lets, for the moment, carry on pretending that I live in Kettering, not far from the Earl of Dalkeith, a very fine Wetherspoons* which serves my preferred tipple of Budovice Budvar in bottles. Lets pretend that Kettering Council and I argued about housing me in October and I won. It's far easier for all concerned.

However, when it comes to my recall, and my prison time, you can be assured that was real, and every prison I name is one I spent time in, though not necessarily in the order stated.

It's far easier to stay private when you don't exist, even Parliamentary Privilege can't identify me, unlike poor old Ryan Giggs!

* Other public houses are available :-)

Knew there was something going on ... Part 2

I got recalled in July last year. What was to be a short stint turned into a 9 month foolishment, followed by a dropped case a speedy re-release and a compensation order.

And last week I got a Facebook invite. So I wrote to my MAPPA contact asking a few choice questions, and got this back...

"I can assure you that I have no knowledge that anybody is trying to 'entrap' you in this way."

So, the MAPPA unit doesn't know that an officer IN THEIR UNIT is trying to contact sex offenders outside his employment remit. Hmmm... don't I recall some Hampshire officers ending up in prison after being discovered to be associating with (and swapping images with) offenders?

Anyway, my phone logs have made interesting reading this week.

For reasons that must be obvious (97% of sex offenders who are firebombed don't return to their homes, apparently) I don't give out my address or contact details to people I don't trust, and use a different name in most cases. All legit, all declared to MAPPA but not publicly available.

My phone lines are cleverly routed. I give specified numbers to people, that route (in interesting and not entirely visible ways) back to the base numbers I actually use. My real numbers are not linked to an address, nor even to the town I live in, and route to me over VoIP or 3G to my mobile or my laptop, wherever I am. There are a very few "foul weather friends" who have my real numbers; that doesn't include my Parents, siblings or ex-wife. Needless to say that the Police have a routed number, not my real one, and they have no issue with this, other then their trying to find the base numbers by subterfuge.

Today I had 6 calls from 6 different numbers to my direct lines. I know they were direct calls because they didn't identify with the numbers I use for presentation.

One of the calls was from a debt collection agency, looking for me for a credit card debt owed before I went into prison. On a phone number that has only been active and allocated to me since March 2011, and is registered in another name.

Another was for yet another debt collection agency, trying to collect for a mobile phone that my ex-wife had, calling a number she doesn't know, and isn't in the phone book!

One has to wonder, where is this information being found, and who is passing it to these people. Given one of my Licence conditions is that I won't get into debt (don't ask!) it seems pretty strange that at the same time I call "entrapment" there are suddenly debt collection agencies starting to harass me...

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I was still inside. At least I wouldn't have to face all of this shit!

I think though that at the end of this month, I'll lose both sim cards and get new ones, new numbers, new networks.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Knew there was something going on !

Well... I said so the other week.

For various reasons I have restrictions on what I am allowed to do. This includes not going to certain places (Lisa's house, her original home town, the cinema..?) and not doing certain things on the Internet, mostly surrounding Chat-rooms and Instant Messaging.

A few days ago, I got an email. From someone I have never heard of via Facebook. Now, I happen to know, because it's a current case before a crown court down country, that Facebook is NOT an internet chat-room, as it's defined in PSI 06/2011 as a Social Networking Site (That's a Prison Service instruction, see the Ministry of Justice website). Nonetheless, I checked upon the Facebook invitation, and it turns out to be from a serving Northants MAPPA Police officer. Ho-Hum

I've also been receiving those Random anonymous calls again, but this time they are showing a partial number. Does anyone recognise a number 03000 111 XXX ? And to top it all I'm getting invitations to join dating sites, allow people onto my MSN/Yahoo/ICQ lists etc etc from people I have never heard of, emailing an address that I only gave to Police as a Honeypot!

So one has to wonder - are there not enough new criminals out there to keep the Police busy, or are they needing to fill spaces in prison with "re-offenders" and recall me yet again for doing nothing wrong?

Or, another option, are they looking for grounds to tighten my restrictions, prevent me from using the Internet at all?

Who can know the mind of a Copper?

On a lighter note, Lisa and I will be having weekend together for the Bank Holiday, then we're off to court on the Tuesday in Birmingham. I'm running a case as a Lay Rep, and she's coming to watch as a member of the public and Law student. It'll be fun, and I'm sure she'll be pleasantly surprised at how well a Lay Rep can do against a load of professionals.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A quiet week

A trip to probation, no hassle from Police, no suggestion of further courses, and no problems with my blogging!

There's got to be something in the pipeline - maybe they are planning to call Lisa and cause problems?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Risk AGAIN...

This is a curly one, and I actually want comments and opinions on this post please.

OK - in the UK, as I'm sure I mentioned before, there is a pseudo-official semi-Quango called MAPPA, which continues to monitor people after release as long as they remain on the register.

On Thursday my MAPPA officers (who are CID from Kettering) popped round, and part of the discussions were about my Girlfriend, who, for the sake of not constantly using the term "My Girlfriend", let's call Lisa. This is not her real name - if I used that I'd be potentially breaking the law.

Lisa is a Law Student, who lives away from home. She is 20, has her own student accommodation and only goes back to her parents home a few times a year. She also has a younger sister who is not within what Police would (wrongly) call my "target" age. Lets call the younger sister Morgan. Morgan does not live with Lisa. And, importantly, Lisa's Parents don't know that she and I are in a relationship.

Now, despite everything, Lisa has steadfastly continued contacting me. The Police have been aware of this, Probation have been aware of this, the Prison Service have been aware of this. The law on this is simple - I am not allowed to initiate any contact with her, but once she initiates contact with me, for any reason whatsoever, the "Victim Contact" restrictions go out of the window and can no longer be relied upon or enforced... unless the safety of a child is involved.

Now clearly, Lisa isn't a child, in any sense of the word. But Morgan is. And apparently my contact with Lisa is a risk to Morgan, and as a result Police want to disclose our relationship to her parents. Apparently I could be doing an "Ian Brady" and lining up Morgan using Lisa as my accomplice! The fact that Lisa never considered herself a victim also makes it more likely (they say) that I could manipulate her into this scenario.

As a result, they have to consider whether I am a risk to Morgan, and may have to disclose the relationship, despite that fact that both Lisa and I are adults, consenting and actually enjoying the fact that we are back in significant contact and spending time together, and not thinking about anything to do with my offending except when she has questions.

However, so far they haven't spoken to her parents, despite knowing about this situation since early April. This suggests to me that they aren't really concerned about risk, more about having a new handle to control me now that they are losing, losing and losing again in court.

And therein comes views please - is this just a new angle of attack, or is there a legitimate concern here? My view is that it's all Bluff and Bluster, but I have also asked Lisa to prepare for the potential shit-storm if it happens.

Oh, also, Lisa says I should definitely appeal, as the police lied to her to get her to give evidence against me, and also lied to her about my having bail conditions etc.

Anyway, comments welcome, especially on this issue, and I'll report back on it by the end of the week.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lost again :-)

Fenrir 3 - Northants Police 0

When things went to court last week, the police conceded their case, and a Consent order was made, the details of which I am not at liberty to reveal.

So, since this whole matter started, we've been to court 4 times and the only time the Police have won is for my first conviction - which you'll recall I pleaded on more to protect the victim than to say "I did it". SO far in the last year they have lost a S.59 application, a prosecution and a Tort case. Hopefully they'll take the hint and leave me alone now - next time they try I'll go for Perverting the Course of Justice.

Maybe I should appeal?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Enhance your Calm

Well, it's been four days, and apart from a call from Probation to check I was doing OK and would I come and see him in 2 weeks, and an email from MAPPA confirming they won't be out to see me anytime soon due to the ongoing Civil action against their Chief Constable, it's all quiet on the Western Front.

Apart from something interesting. My Victim decide to email me, having been following the blog. And I'm very pleased to say that it now looks like I need to use the phrase "My Girlfriend" to describe this wonderful woman.

For those who might be concerned, I will reiterate that she is a 20 year old University Undergraduate, studying for her LLB, and we have spent most of the last 72 hours talking to each other about the past, the future, and getting some closure for each other in the shit that has happened in the last few years.

I'm sure Probation won't like it, which is why I've asked her to write to my OM detailing her side before I go in at Easter.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Did you all miss me?

On 2 July last year, the Police charged me with three new offences, all relating to this blog. According to Police and Probation, a blog is a chatroom!!! Unsurprisingly, I was recalled as an emergency on the same day, and when this came to court I was remanded in custody pending trial. The trial finished (with the CPS offering no evidence whatsoever that I write this blog) on 21 January and this morning, I was re-released from HMP Holme House by the Parole Board on the same licence I had previously.

In other words, the Police and Probation didn't like me rocking the boat and decided to put me back inside. But even this travesty of justice pales against what Ben Gunn has suffered in his 30 years in prison. Have a look at his blog, if you haven't already, at

Enough from me for tonight - I'm looking forward to the niceties of sleeping in my own bed again, having spent absolutely no time in the pub drinking non-alcoholic beverages ;-)

And, Northants police, if you are reading, please follow the instructions in Genesis 1:28 - Go forth and multiply.