Thursday, 31 March 2011

Did you all miss me?

On 2 July last year, the Police charged me with three new offences, all relating to this blog. According to Police and Probation, a blog is a chatroom!!! Unsurprisingly, I was recalled as an emergency on the same day, and when this came to court I was remanded in custody pending trial. The trial finished (with the CPS offering no evidence whatsoever that I write this blog) on 21 January and this morning, I was re-released from HMP Holme House by the Parole Board on the same licence I had previously.

In other words, the Police and Probation didn't like me rocking the boat and decided to put me back inside. But even this travesty of justice pales against what Ben Gunn has suffered in his 30 years in prison. Have a look at his blog, if you haven't already, at

Enough from me for tonight - I'm looking forward to the niceties of sleeping in my own bed again, having spent absolutely no time in the pub drinking non-alcoholic beverages ;-)

And, Northants police, if you are reading, please follow the instructions in Genesis 1:28 - Go forth and multiply.