Wednesday, 10 October 2018

And so we ante again...

It's been a while since my last post, and here's why:

On 28 February 2018 I got a call from Police, asking me to come in for an interview. I of course did so on the next day, and on arrival, was arrested on suspicion of rape. Of the same woman again!

This time, rather than accuse me in Northants, she accused me of raping her in Bedford!

I was accused by this woman of following her in Bedford (where she apparently worked), up the A6 in the one way system, in a Kia Cee'd. A car I don't and have never owned, although my sister owns one. She apparently spotted me following her, stopped and came to my drivers window to confront me. She claims that I got out, grabbed her, forced her into the back of my car, and raped her. At 5.15, on the evening of 24 February 2018 - the start of the so-called "Beast from the East". Lots of details, including a (completely inaccurate) description of my penis!

But, and this is relevant... I flew out of Birmingham on 23 February, to Israel. This is provable, there's stamps in my passport, I notified Police, as required, and I didn't return until 28th. In fact, I was on my way home at the time of the phone call. I declared my return, as mandated  by my Registration Requirement, when I reported for my interview - they let me do that in custody while we waited for my solicitor.

And, as importantly, my Google Location Tracking confirms this, as does my phone bill.

I know exactly where I was at 8:15pm Israel time on that day. I was in Bethlehem, at a religious service. I probably don't need to tell anyone which location.

Of course, there's a lot of similarities between this allegation and the one she made last year. The significant difference is that she has moved police forces - if you can't get one constabulary to believe you, make another new false allegation elsewhere and hope they will do.

After telling Police where I was and what I was doing, and them confirming my "out" and "back" declarations, I was released "under investigation" that night and asked to come back the next afternoon with my tickets/boarding passes. I did better, I also supplied my passport (with entry and exit stamps) and my luggage tags each way. Strangely enough, the Police then cancelled my "under investigation" status.

Because of something else, I also now have Northants full records of their investigations, and I know that this woman was not in Kettering at the time of the alleged other rapes, the Police proved, from call logs and ANPR, that she never actually left her home town of Market Harborough. She also has more than 4 Police Notices for false allegations under her belt, including one against her own brother, and last time, when this was "no-crime"d, the overwhelming position of Northants Police was that she should be prosecuted. The CPS refused because of my record. Well, my record is now spent, so I'm an ex-offender, and that can't be used against me any more.

In the meantime, she got divorced last year and has married again this year, I bet her new husband doesn't know about her "sexual history" of fake rapes, and the fact that I was allegedly her first sexual partner because I allegedly raped her when she was, according to her latest claims, 12! Oh, and I was also apparently grooming her daughter, who happens to be over 18, despite her being not in her 40's yet.

Regardless of my last blog, this time I want the book thrown at her. And, based on a phone call last week, it is actually likely to be. Thank G_d. Oh, By the way, that's what she got wrong in her description... I've complied with the requirements of my faith.

I wonder what she'll accuse me of next time?