Thursday, 4 June 2015

Moved house again

I've moved again - I'm now the problem of West Midlands Police, who are fully aware of this blog and what I do here.

It scares me sometimes to see the relationships that I have built since my arrest. For example, there are some prison officers who I consider to be "the good guys" and would happily buy a beer if I was to meet them. One of these was an officer at Blakenhurst (Now Hewell) who once told me that the the UK had 2000 years of history, and the US had Stilton Cheese - the closest thing to culture they will have.

There have been a number of Police officers, mostly based in the MAPPA teams, but some on the very team that arrested me as well. No names, no packdrill, but again, all but one of these officers I'd buy a drink for.

The surprising thing is how many offenders I have built relationships with, whether VP's or not. Ben Gunn is just one example, but there are many others. Some of them I work with, some of them have worked with me, some of them I meet socially, and some we just use each other as a (lawful) support network.  This isn't offenders conspiring together to offend, this is ex-offenders supporting each other in not offending.

But the important thing about all of this is that, without exception, these people have treated me like a Human being, they have treated me as a person, not an offence. And, when we consider the paedosteria around nowaday, I have to be grateful for that, because it means that now I have moved, I'm used to being treated as a Human, not a number or a Sex Offender.