Saturday, 9 March 2019

Lets review risk

So, I've been blogging now for nine years.

during this time, I've completed some elements of SOGP, as was, I've been monitored by Police, I've been accused, by various people, of various offences, none of which were true, and I've been recalled once, and remanded, briefly, once.

I have not been re-convicted of any significant offences - yes I got a speeding ticket back in 2015 (which I didn't mention on here) and I've had a parking ticket or two, for which I use the wonderful, and surprisingly cheap service of Parking Ticket Appeals to resolve.

So lets review my risk.

You will recall that I have posted about risk before, on two occasions in 2010. This was before my recall for breaching my SOPO. A charge which was dropped, quite quickly, when it was proven that no breach had occurred and my ex was setting me up.

And lets clarify here... no-one but me can know if I am committing offences (I'm not, but you'll have to take my word for this), so "reoffending" here really means "reconvicted", or, in real terms, reoffending that the authorities find out about.

When I was re-released from recall, back onto the same licence, my risk assessment was increased from "medium" (which was wrong) to "High" (which was also wrong). That was because I had been released directly back to the community, and not put back into a hostel, which would be the norm. There were, however, good reasons not to put me in a Hostel, specifically that the recall was not justified, and that I had not actually committed the offences alleged.

It was confirmed within a few weeks that I was back down to Medium risk (still wrong) which means that, as you will recall, there was a 5 to 13% of my reoffending within 5 years of my release. not my re-release, mind you...

So my release was in October 2009, this assessment took place in March 2011 - 18 months of the five years already gone, and no reoffending. The further you are, temporally, from an offence, the less likely you are to reoffend. So already by this point, I am less likely to reoffend than I was on release.

B the time my licence ended in April 2014, Probation had finally accepted that my likelihood of reoffending was low - less than 5% chance of my reoffending in the 5 years following my release. That;s good, since I was, at that point, 18 months post release. My original assessments stated an 11% chance of reoffending in the first year, a 20% chance of reoffending in the first two. I beat the odds, mainly because I'm not stupid and saw no reason to go back to prison. It helps that I was supported by Lisa throughout, as well as Niamh, Dan and others.

From my licence end date, my monitoring has been purely by Police. This is the now infamous MAPPA process, which all sex offenders are bundled into. MAPPA is a Quango, made up of a number of "co-operating" organisations, such as Police, Probation, Local Authorities etc. As the MAPPA website says, MAPPA is not a statutory body, but is a mechanism through which agencies can better discharge their statutory responsibilities and protect the public.

This means that, on random occasions, Police will visit me, assess me, inspect my home and decide my ongoing risk level. This is done based on, amongst other things, my own appearance, the appearance of my home and, believe it or not, the officers own personal prejudice! Yes I know this is the case, because I have court paperwork proving this. Apparently, I am still considered high risk by my MAPPA officer, because I prefer relationships with younger women! 

Now lets revert back to the Probation assessments... they decided I was low risk, that is less than 5% change of reoffending, in 2012. this was when I was dating Lisa, then 20. Lisa stayed with me until 2015, by which time she had graduated and was in her mid 20's. Shortly after this, I met Tannie, but that relationship ended a year later after the fake rape charges. I'm currently with Anita, who is 24.

It is of note that the Rape allegations against me are not why I'm considered high risk. I'm considered high risk purely because of my sexual preference for 20-25 yr old women! Which is ironic, because one of the reasons the Police don't consider the Rape allegations to be true is because the accuser was in her late 30s, now in her 40s. There are other significant issues which prove the false nature of the claim, but I need not go into that further. Suffice to say that my accuser is no longer being believed when she claims I drive a car I don't have and in a location I've provably not been to.

I've also been accused, by a disgruntled customer, of attending his home in 2016, and offending against his children. This has hurt him more than me, as he now has Social Services asking him why he let me do so while he was present, while Police can be certain I didn't do what he alleged, because they know at the time I wasn't even in the UK - I have to tell them about travel, and on that date I was in Belgium.

So to be clear, I am now 13 years post offence, almost 10 years post initial release, and have not reoffended. So how on earth do the Police justify their comments that I remain High Risk, when I have proven, over the last 10 years that I am nothing of the sort?

Could someone lend me a TARDIS please, I'll go back and stop myself offending in the first place. So much for rehabilitation!