Thursday, 10 November 2011

Justice starts to prevail :-)

Finally things are happenning.

My ex has been charged with Perverting the Course of Justice, not just in my recall, but also in my original trial. Ex is on bail with conditions not to approach me, contact me (even via Solicitors) or ask any person to do so on her behalf, and she's on a 10 hour daily tag.

This means the Police now are considering my original papers and my solicitor has invited me to consider appeal against conviction and seek a re-trial. The logic behind this is that in any retrial, I can't get a heavier sentence than I did first time round, and that will be served by the time I come back to trial (especially since I'm currently on licence). As a result, my record would be clear, and I'd get compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

Moreover, Probation has now apologised for my Probation Officer lying to people about me, and taken me off his books and onto a new one (my fifth in 4 years) who has been told that I am to be signed once a month and otherwise left alone, particularly now I'm potentially appealing.

My MAPPA officer has also told me, "off the record" that MAPPA has reconsidered me and I will get maybe 1 visit a year from here on in, which will stop altogether if I am acquitted at a retrial. Also, Lisa has agreed to give evidence on my behalf in any civil or criminal proceedings relating to my trial or the trial of my ex :-D

Finally, I've been offered a job, which I found online, and Probation has waved it through on the nod.

Now know people reading this will say "But Fenrir, if you did it and pleaded it, why are you seeking an appeal and retrial?" Well, the simple answer is that this prosecution was not for something I actually did, but for something I thought. I hurt no-one, and Lisa's testimony confirms this. If no-one gets hurt in something going on between two consenting parties, what's the public interest in the prosecution? And without Anne's false testimony starting the case, the police would have had no grounds to search the house, seize the computers etc, so the case would never have happened.

So it's been a very good October. In fact the only bad thing that's happened in the last month is that Lisa and I have broken up - we are still very good friends, but there is too much stress going on for her to carry on with me.

Ah well, every silver lining has a cloud...