Saturday, 23 July 2011

Courting the Courts

Well now...

On Friday, my £10,000 money case was set aside and the defendant got leave to file and serve a new defence. That's fine, because they didn't get costs and it therefore cost them £1500 to get to the position they are now in.

on Monday, the Police yet again failed to comply with court orders to file and serve evidence, and so I've applied back to the court for the whole thing to be dismissed with prejudice.

On Tuesday the Childcare case got set back again to September because the Social Services Department couldn't be bothered to actually attend the hearing.

And I'm now in court in August (twice) , September, and October.

My Offender Manager thinks this is a good thing, apart from I've put in a complaint about him lying to police about me.

Ho Hum...

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