Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm still here...

Sorry for my tardiness recently, there's been a lot going on, and I've been busy with Solicitors, Barristers, courts etc.

A brief rundown for you.

On 11 July, the PPIU are trying to get my SOPO varied, because they say I'm using my computer skills to hide my reoffending. This is, of course, Tosh, as if Probation thought I was reoffending, they would have recalled me (again) by now.

On 15 July I have a hearing on a civil case since before my recall.

On 19 July I have a hearing in a family case where I ma a witness for one of the children.

Then on 28 July I have a case in the Supreme Court in which I am an interested party.

As I said, busy.

Also, Lisa had a case in court recently, where she was assisting a Barrister - not guilty on all 9 counts :-)

Oh, and to top it all, the Police are (finally) investigating the allegations which led to my recall last year. Maybe there's hope yet?

If you are a regular here, and also follow Ben's Prison Blog, can I remind you to write to him.

Hopefully you all had a good June as well, and I'll see some of you online in July.

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